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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Future of Mutual Funds in India

Future of Mutual Funds in India - An Overview

Financial experts believe that the potential of Mutual Funds in India will be very brilliant. It has been predictable that by March-end of 2012, the mutual fund industry of India will reach Rs 99,90,000 crore, taking into account the total assets of the Indian commercial banks. The assessment was based on the December-04 asset value of Rs 1,50,537 crore. In the coming 10 years the annual multiple growth rate is expected to go up by 14.5%. Since the last 5 years, the growth rate was recorded as 9.3% annually. Based on the current rate of growth, it can be forecasted that the mutual fund assets will be double by 2012.

Indian Mutual Funds Future - Growth Facts

*       In the past 6 years, Mutual Funds in India have recorded a growth of 100 %. In India, the rate of saving is 24 %. In the future, there lies a big possibility for the Indian Mutual Funds industry to expand.
*       Quite a lot of asset management companies which are foreign based is now entering the Indian markets. A number of commodity Mutual Funds are introduced now. The SEBI (Securities Exchange Board of India) has approved the permission for it. More emphasis is put on the effective Mutual Funds governance.
*       There is also sufficient scope for the Indian Mutual funds to enter into the semi-urban and rural areas. Financial planners will play a major role in the Mutual Funds market by providing people with proper financial planning.

Future of Indian Mutual Funds- Conclusion

Looking at the past developments and combining it with the current trends it can be finished that the future of Mutual Funds in India has lot of positive things to offer to its investors.


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